Son of the Father

Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Pip Utton’s Son of the Father is an engaging affair. As an imaginative journey into the lives of Mary and Joseph reunited after the crucifixion it succeeds in posing intriguing questions for believers and non-believers alike.

For Joseph his son had got in with a bad sort, a bunch of ‘misfit revolutionaries’ with their ‘conjuring tricks and fairytales’. He blames his mother. She thinks he’s the Messiah. Mary had always filled his head with daft ideas. Carpentry was a good vocation, something to fall back on perhaps. Joseph doesn’t buy the immaculate conception either. She always was a little easy with her affections. When Jesus cries out on the cross, ‘Father, why have you deserted me?’, he takes it personally.

Giving the bible the ‘real lives’ treatment, and raising doubts about the resurrection won’t necessarily endear him to church goers – but it makes for a thoughtful and intense drama nevertheless.

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